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Well Site Geology For The 21st Century

Who says you can't upgrade your services during a market downturn? We've revolutionized well site geology with a 24/7 real-time reporting system that our clients can access anywhere, anytime. No more waiting on samples or reports; no more wondering, "What's going on out there?" As long as you have access to your computer or smartphone you'll have the latest data at your fingertips.

:: Accessible

:: Innovative

:: Affordable

Streamlining The Well Site Geology Process

Imagine viewing your well data as a spreadsheet in a password protected webpage that allows you to access geologic and geosteering data as it becomes available. Our experienced team of on-site geologists are backed by off-site personnel who produce time-consuming reports and mudlogs. This streamlined approach allows our well site geologists to focus on the incoming data and provide accurate, timely interpretations; the result is a superior client experience.

:: Mud Logging

Tracking crucial information from cuttings and rig sensors

:: Geosteering

Accurate interpretations based on all of the available data

:: 24/7 Reporting

Real-time updates on your computer, tablet, or smartphone


"I have been so impressed with the services offered by the Earth Science Agency since Bill Barrett began our partnership with them in 2014. The mudlogging services alone are far above par, but the online reporting system and on-site geosteering are the real game changers. The system ESA has built allows us to have constant up to date information at our fingertips. The only way to be better informed would be to work in the field. ESA is at the forefront of well site geology services, and I have been nothing but impressed with the innovation and caliber of their work. I appreciate all of the focus and dedication they have given to perfecting their system and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future."

Blaine Martin
Geologist - Bill Barrett Corporation

About Us

In 2003 on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Earth Science Agency began as a scientific and technical consulting company. For the past twelve years we have served businesses, government agencies, and universities. Today, ESA is centrally located near Denver, Colorado to best serve our current client base.

ESA has a reputation for developing and utilizing breakthroughs in earth science and related technologies. Our mission is to help our clients streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Vandy Blue Spikes, PhD
President - Earth Science Agency

Current Openings

All applicants must have a reliable vehicle, live in Colorado, pass background and drug tests, and comply with all health and safety rules. Please send resumes to

Wellsite Geologist

We are seeking a full time well site geologist to work on a rig in Colorado. Applicants must have a degree in geology or related field and experience with mud logging and geosteering. Experience in the DJ Basin and SES software is preferred. We are focused on hiring Colorado residents, but out of state applicants may be considered.



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